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ex kattWow. This is angriest Kill All the Things I have ever experienced. EVER. I am out of control here people! One minutes I could be all tra la la look at those flowers! and the next I am FUCK YOU! FLICKR WHY YOU NOT WORKING RIGHT! AHKAKDKDLKSK!!!


I….I can’t even.

I feel out of control and I don’t know how to stop it. I am not angry that I am not eating certain foods, I am just…angry.…

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Whole 30 - Third Time’s the Charm?

Whole 30 – Third Time’s the Charm?

ex whole 30 day 5As you know I planned to do my third whole 30 starting on Monday. I did a good job in planning easy meals to prep, and got them all done on Sunday. Thanks to my husband for helping me, I could not have done it without you!

On Monday, things started out ok, I had the eggs as meal one, chicken, salsa and green beans for meal two and garbage stir fry and broccoli for meal three. Did I miss my…

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Menu Week 1 of Whole 30 {Part Three}

Menu Week 1 of Whole 30 {Part Three}

ex whole 30 week1It’s hard coming up with a menu when you are away all weekend and have been under the weather. When all you want to do is sleep, you have to find a way to buck up and figure out a plan. I am hoping that by eating clean tomorrow I might get better faster–dare to dream!

This week I am choosing recipes that are not too time consuming to make but are tasty and will satisfy in a pinch!

1. Eggs with…

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Good Morning?

ex veggiesAs you know, last week I decided to take the bull by the horns and start going to 6:15am WOD’s. And it was rough. Thankfully my body decided to acclimate and this week I have not as tired/cranky/crazy as I was last week. Heck I even woke up just before the alarm went off this morning! It’s very curious how my body has changed on a dime so that I can get up at that hour. It also makes weekends…

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First Competition Review aka How to Survive 4 WOD’s in 1 Day

First Competition Review aka How to Survive 4 WOD’s in 1 Day

I survived! I popped my CrossFit Competition cherry and lived to tell about it!

I prepped a lot in advance–myself and Eileen making a list on Wednesday. It was rather large, including a tent, chairs, food, foam roller, loads of water, ice, waiver of liability, etc. We were trying to not be nervous by focusing on other things. It didn’t work so well, but we were prepared. I feel proud about how…

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Travelling this Summer? Ideas to Keep Fitness Going…

Travelling this Summer? Ideas to Keep Fitness Going…

ex crossfit northWith summer and vacations fast approaching, I thought I would share how I survive travel and still getting a workout in. I am especially conscious of this since I will be going to Mexico in October and there won’t be any CrossFit there and a ton of amazing food.

Classes: look for activity classes where you are going. I have already checked out the resort we are staying at and found that they hold…

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HappyCrossFit Anniversary to ME!

HappyCrossFit Anniversary to ME!

A year ago, June 3rd 2013, I transitioned to regular crossfit classes! And what a year it has been! I have learned many things in the past year–my limits, how to do complex barbell movements and just how strong I really am. I love that fact that I transitioned to this, I feel like I found who I am. I have also committed myself to eating healthier, and I have seen myself perform better thanks to…

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CrossFit Magnolia Beginner Competition

CrossFit Magnolia Beginner Competition

ex magnoliaI did it, I jumped in with both eyes closed–I signed up for my first ever beginner crossfit competition!! It’s an hour from my house at a box called CrossFit Magnolia. It’s this coming Saturday June 7th, and the funny thing is that I didn’t hear about it until Thursday this week and had to go on a waiting list because, and let’s be honest here, there are not enough beginner crossfit competitions…

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Realities of Sugar

ex sugar poisonThis post is brought to you  by a conversation I had with one of my friends from my box, Andrea. She has recently seen the movie Fed Up, a documentary about the sugar industry in the United States. It got me thinking, as these conversations tend to do and it has made me look at what I eat to see if how far over my daily limit I am going. I am sure that I am.

The World Health Organizationrecently…

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Summer’s Here!

Summer’s Here!

ex poolSure it’s May, but by living in Houston, it’s warm and wonderful here already. My husband and I have decided this Memorial Day long weekend is one of bathing suit, pools and BBQ. It’s been lovely!! After a week of feeling crappy, this has been great. Lots of sleep and sun.

One of the neat things about new seasons is trying on old clothes that fit you last year and seeing how they fit this year. A…

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